LaTeX is a document preparation system that allows you to create beautiful documents for free. You can read an introduction to LaTeX here.


I love tinkering with LaTeX. Here are some LaTeX templates I've created:

  • nice-clean-resume (example | source):
    • This is my attempt to make a clean, simple resume template as I was dissatisfied with other LaTeX resume templates that were either too busy, wasted precious resume space, or just weren't my style.
    • My primary goal was readability, using blank space to draw the readers' eye to the most important information on the resume.
  • nice-clean-cv (example | source):
    • This nice-clean-resume reworked for academic CVs.
    • Again, my primary goal was readability, but CVs have much more information on them than resumes. This template attempts to tightly pack that information in a clear, organized way.

Classic CTAN lion draw­ing by Duane Bibby. (Yes, LaTeX's mascot is a lion, inexplicably).


Here are some recent projects of mine:

  • Archived Dissertation (PDF)
    • This is my official dissertation for the university archives, with the official formatting rules.
    • It's set in libertine (based on the venerable Bembo font), and has some bells and whistles like lettrines, epigraphs, and citation/cross-reference hyperlinks.
  • Dissertation Redux (PDF)
    • This is my dissertation, reformatted, for my own personal bound copy.
    • It has most of the Archived Dissertation's bells and whistles (although hyperlinks have been made black to hide them when printed).
    • Major additions: title page replaced, a new copyright added, margins reset for binding, chapter headers added, and the text has been made single-spaced. I am also considering changing the page size from letter to 6x9 inch.